9/1/2010                      Registration

            14/1/2010                    Meeting

            25/1/2010                    Meeting

            27/1 - 3/2/2010            Ice-cream sales 




                                                                 Extra scoops please!



         26/1/2010                    Combined meeting of all service clubs

         2-3/2/2010                   Old clothes collection

         6/2/2010                       Meeting

         5/3/2010                       Meeting

         26/5/2010                     Meeting

         8/7/2010                       Meeting

        10/7/2010                      Ice-cream sales during the Sports and 

                                              Games Carnival                 




                                                    It's a tough job selling these ice-cream



         13/7/2010                     Meeting

         15/7/2010                     Annual General Meeting


                                                                Meeting in session



                                              Ting Siew Gung, the outgoing President handed over 

                                              his duty to Cindy Wong, the new Hi-Y Club President



                                                       Cindy giving her first speech as the

                                                       new Hi-Y Club President



          6/8/2010                      Meeting

          9-13/8/2010                 Ice-cream sales


                                                                   Smile! One for the camera



                                                               Let's try all the flavours we have


          17/8/2010                    Meeting

          10/9/2010                    Annual General Gathering


                                                    Appreciation for the outgoing President 



                                                           Great food, great company!


           20-24/10/2010            Mooncakes sales

           15/10/2010                 Meeting

           21/10/2010                 Collection for the Blind Centre


                                                              All for a good cause






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